Should News cover mobility as opposed to a designated 'motoring' category?

Various news outlets all make time to regularly cover and update their feed on motorist related articles, however there seems to be a lack in information on other forms of travel. With out little island struggling to keep up with the dense demands and traffic jams, maybe it might be time to allocate more resources to cover and inform the audiences of alternative modes of transport. roman-kraft-_Zua2hyvTBk-unsplash.jpg

The goal of this isn't to replace cars with electric alternatives, but to decrease their tally entirely. Our global emissions' goal set for 2030 is seemingly slipping away, especially considering the near 1:1 ratio of cars to our current population! In light of this, more inclusive and adoptable practices should be covered. While in no way are we critiquing any news outlet for their coverage of motor vehicle coverage, recent posts found on Times of Malta the 'Motoring' section addresses the latest car trends and perks of the latest and classic cars can also be accompanied by general commuting news which could shorten or benefit travelers across our little island Nation.

Possibly, an alternative for a more inclusive communal information page, a category for alternative travel can be implemented and covered regularly by news outlets. This would expose their regular audience to more feasible and sustainable forms of travel, while also including SlowStreet updates to better strategize alongside the local councils for an informed community.

Let us know what you'd think of having news outlets to shift to cover a more feasible way of life? Join our discussion below!