The e-scooter battle of Europe

While main land Europe is facing a surge in e-scooters, other places such as Oslo is facing a scooter pandemonium with an estimated 26,000 scooters in that city alone. Since, they have stated they are aiming to decrease this to 8,000 for their population, basing it off the ratio of actual and competent use. Although the benefits of everyone using a scooter as opposed to a car are clear, some factors such as dockless drop offs are leaving a negative and antisocial approach on residents. These can cluster streets and sidewalks, while the service providers attempt to hurry and constantly maintain and organize these scooters.

pexels-markus-spiske-3671151.jpgWhile energy economist J. Caroll also found that although the intended purpose of e-scooters is to diminish the reliance on fossil fueled cars, in reality many are replacing walking with the scooters. Further stating 'If this finding bears out, it could even be a step backwards in terms of sustainability' states Caroll. So evidently having too much of a good thing is affecting the EU, with the ever expanding kickscooter market. 

There has also been a mention by J. Caroll of the increase in accessibility to the private scooters, and with their prices becoming more affordable can allow users to own a personal kick scooter. This fact, when considering the supply and demand of the kickscooters currently, may cause many of these service providers to lessen their volume in the fleets due to locals not needing the service as often.

On the other hand, in Malta these scooters are slightly less accessible or demanded by the public to personally own, with many still opting to make use of the rentable kickscooters. However, legal debates are being implicated locally which requires private scooter riders to be 18 years, hold a driving license and have insurance among other minor fees. In hopes that once a defined regulatory framework is instated, more travelers can have the option to choose these electric scooters as opposed to having much higher vehicle related fees.

Let us know in the comments what you think about the rising fleets of scooters across Europe and whether more individuals should opt for purchasing their personal kickscooters?