Enquiring the public to submit input on Drafts of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Regulations

Here's what you need to know about the Accessible Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure drafts, which are open to public input until the 25th of September, 2021.

On the 25th of August two documents were publicized pertaining to the topic of Public Accessible Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, of which one document contained the regulations for private operators providing the public charging ports, whilst the latter was a finalized Draft for the Charging Infrastructures. These documents have been published for public review, while also including means for the public to add their opinions and input on the proposed plan. These plans was put forward by the Ministry for Energy, Enterprise, and Sustainable Development and includes regulations and conditions for which public electric charging ports can be installed and maintained, while the draft also includes analysis of the demand, such as the difference between 2013, with just 36 registered electric vehicles that has since reached 4000 in 2021.michael-marais-HjV_hEECgcM-unsplash.jpg

The latter draft titled national Policy for Electric Vehicle Public Charging Infrastructure is centered around the notion for the need for publicly available charging ports. This is due to the need arising for persons who reside in apartment buildings or do not have garages which can be equipped with the necessary charging tools, and in turn allowing accessible charging for all citizens. The availability of such stations are also enforcing the EU Green Deal and it's ambitious targets, by encouraging the swap from traditional fossil-fueled cars to electric alternatives, in turn decreasing emissions nationally. Other information in this draft covers the type of Kilowatt output that will be available from the AC and DC charging points as well as the standardization of plugs for a balanced market for customers to choose providers freely.
This proposed document can be found Here while public input can be added under section 3 in this link which will be available until the 25th September.

We encourage everyone to view these plans and add any suggestions or reviews to the mentioned input links, which will be open until the deadline of 25th September 2021. This is a pivotal moment for reforming the electric vehicle market in Malta, and hence citizens should be aware and informed on these upcoming plans!
Share your thoughts with us below in the comments, and with the relevant links!