Planning Authority unveils new public spaces projects

In a recent conference by the Planning Authority, a number of projects and initiatives to embellish and maintain public spaces will be underway for the public to enjoy. Namely, St Julian’s, Ħamrun, Mosta and Qala Gozo will be receiving a collective 6 of these projects which are aimed at regenerating an audience to certain run-down areas by improving the spaces. For instance, the staircase in Triq Joe Attard Kingswell will also be receiving some work as a project costing on average €450,000 which includes a water feature, benches and an accessibility lift to the top are included.

marc-kleen-rGRjgaV-N5U-unsplash.jpgThis project among the others to come, will be entirely financed by the Planning Authority, who have since mentioned their stance on the betterment of recreational and livable urban environments. Many areas in Malta have been needing an upgrade and a new feel to the towns, which would greatly improve the areas for more people to become engaged in their communities. Also, considering the staircase in Sliema, which is regularly used would make the area and traversal easier for all individuals to access.

Do you think there's an area in your town that can use an upgrade? Share your thoughts in the comments below!