A good idea for a dried out drain!

Qormi stormwater channel is being proposed a revamp into a public space! 


The Qormi stormwater channel was originally a project for diluting the flooding and directing water through several semi-basement channels. This has since been lightly used and in turn, alongside other green projects proposed by the government, a park is proposed over the channel. 

The area in which this stormdrain is located is also highly recognized for it's busy traffic and highly traversed streets, so an incusion of parking spaces alongside the greenlung project will also benefit the residents in the area!

This project therefore allows the residents to be able to makee the most of their centrally located town, by giving the locals a place to walk through, as opposed to the sidewalks alongside the busy streets. Such projects have been very highly regarded by the public, such as the remodelling of the Sliema Balluta stairwell which is also part of the government's rejuvination of our country!

What do you think about this project, and are there other similar ideas you can share with us? Let us know below!