Here's an idea from South Korea for cycling opportunities!


Solar panels and active travel are both attributes within the sustainable theme that technology has graced us with. Well, in South Korea these two concepts where merged to allow better and longer reaching travelling opportunities for cyclists!

This project in South Korea can be seen as a modern approach to integrating various levels of mobility while also obtaining energy through the infrastructure. Talk about efficient!


In an attempt to reduce wasting agricultural land, this approach uses redundant space to allow for the opportunity of more lanes. The use of solar panels stretches about 32km, which are placed in the middle of a highway to separate the roads. These solar panels where also high enough to act as a shade from the sun which was perfect for creating a sheltered route beneath it. You can check out a clip of the Korean Cycling highway Here!

These solar panels have therefore been utilized to allow cyclists to travel in a straight and sheltered route between cities. Although this idea couldn't be entirely applied to our island, the concept of leveling and layering spatial features to improve our mobility is one for the books! Taking for instance the olden aqueducts trailing Malta, these direct links are practically above ground level which safely separates active travelers from the vehicles below, so through correct planning various opportunities can present themselves in Malta!

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