Some feedback from Cypriots!

Historically, busses have been part of Malta's public transport since the early 20th century, which in turn put an end to the Maltese Railway by providing lighter and more branched routes. However, with brief periods of 'Arriva', busses misfunctioning and outdated practices, we are now in a period of ever-growing sustainable transport thanks to Transport Malta. So much so, that we are being taken as an example of the possibilities a public transport network can create. 

Our distant neighbors from Cyprus stated just that in their articles, where their visit was aimed at introducing and assessing the operations of Transport Malta in relation to their own public transport. In an article by A. Pitta, one of the visiting Cypriots, they mention that Transport Malta has a good relationship with local authorities and policy makers, quoting the chairman of Grimaldi Lines that they aim to “replicate this partnership in Cyprus” with future plans mimicking those of TM.

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As one European Union, we can unite many countries by sharing ideas, ways and methods to open social networks among citizens, however, key is to obtain successful ways to geographically adopt this in your country. So since Malta and Cyprus are relatively similar in various geographical features, Transport Malta has recognized this and openly held talks and simulation training for the visiting group, giving insight to many business processes along the way that are found to work in Malta.

The importance of public transport is also a variable to our environmental health, where public or shared transport decreases the number vehicle emitting pollutants. This is a main reason for urging citizens to travel by public transport. Yet, for this to be achieved, the mentality of boycotting busses must be changed, as well as personal vehicle dependence, which Transport Malta has since been aiming to decrease by providing more modes of transport, such as bikes, scooters, ferries, and more technologically adapt busses with Wi-Fi and charging ports. 
These exemplary features have been noted by Grimaldi Lines, who have since released bus-cards and an app in an attempt to replicate the business process to encourage and inform Cypriots of the changes coming. 

What's your take on our Public Transport being exemplary to others? Let us know in the comments!