Active Commuting 🤝 Safe Commuting

Have a look at how we can commute safely and healthily

These last two years have been quite a ride, with new experiences and challenges being thrown our way. Meanwhile we have become accustomed to the new daily routines. Now with the second year since the 2020 Pandemic, and various medicinal measures available are allowing us to regain the old sense of normality. Various markets are getting back on their feet and other accessibilities are returning, which leaves us with the issue of, how can we get back out there -safely?

marc-kleen-rGRjgaV-N5U-unsplash (1).jpgHere's a couple of ideas that can make commuting safer on our island while allowing us to keep an active lifestyle.
Busses have always been the ideal option for commuting to work while decreasing the traffic congestion and sharing the service with others. However, although busses nowadays have enacted distancing measures on seating to promote a healthy space between passengers, there are other active ways of travel we can encourage which would also improve one's intake of fresh air.

The first would be the use of Kickscooters, which are increasingly gaining popularity in Malta due to our short distances between various localities. This form of travel allows commuting on one's own as well as selecting the best route for the least public exposure, hence being the healthiest form of travel, whilst not using a private vehicle.

On the other hand, if your preferred choice of travel is a car, then an option to safeguard your family or others in your home would be to plan ahead and plan your route. By planning your trip ahead of time, a good route would allow all members of the family to share a car ( if rider quantity permits), while ensuring that everyone is travelling in the safest environment. By having the driver take a route which includes all family members to their destinations, although a slightly longer trip can prove better socializing and decrease in traffic congestion if every adult was in their own car!

Would you consider choosing one of these ways to commute? Share your thoughts in the comments below!