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Research & Initiatives Local and European authorities

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Research & Initiatives Local and European authorities

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Exploring the shortest route options : applying environmental indicators to calculating shortest route - M.Pulis, M.Attard

Research & Initiatives Researchers on mobility in Malta

Find the full contents of this study at  

Cyclist safety in Malta: A review - J. Attard, M. Deguara, M. Borg

Research & Initiatives Researchers on mobility in Malta

The 2016 study on cyclist safety can be found in the below link. This reviews the Accident & Emer...

Slow Streets in Malta

Research & Initiatives Local and European authorities

In September of 2020, the Msida Local Council brought forward an incentive to decrease stressors ...

Should Lollipop Officers become a staple around School Zones?

Roads & Public Spaces

With the scholastic season approaching, children across Malta are anticipating their return to sc...


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Have you heard of bikemap?

Other recommended actions

Bikemap is an online and application based bike routing directory which has cycling routes avai...

Me, Myself and My Ride


It goes without saying that road users are expected to keep their full attention on road safety a...

Some feedback from Cypriots!

Public Transport

Historically, busses have been part of Malta's public transport since the early 20th century, whi...

Funding towards All-Electric Public Transport

Public Transport

Maltese Transport Minister Ian Borg has announced that an investment of €40 million from EU fundi...

Traffic Accidents on the Rise


The Maltese islands are known for their short distances between localities, however when consider...

Maltese NGOs suggest a decrease in scooter driving age

Private Operators

Nowadays our global limits are being recognized and a more sustainable way of life is being urged...

Maltese southern towns enforcing car-free schedules


Nationally, the 'Slow Street' initiative is underway, since it's initial proposal in 2020 where...

Berlin's proposal to decrease personal vehicles

Active Travel

Although it may sound like a boycott of cars, the approach taken by Berlin officials proposes a m...

Europe's soaring car rental prices

Private Operators

The 2020 Coronavirus has been by far the biggest change in most of our lives. While nonchalantly ...

Mapfre's insurance package for Electric Cars!

Private Operators

One of Malta's leading insurance providers, Mapfre Middlesea has released it's latest insurance p...

Tier Mobility's electric rides shown on Google Maps

Private Operators

Tier Mobility is an ever growing alternative transport provider based in Berlin, which specialize...

Malta's first 'Carbon Neutral' Garden

Roads & Public Spaces

This project will be underway in Kalkara's Gnien ir-Rinella where €1 Million founding for the pro...

List of Operators Taxi Operators

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