Have you tried cycling to school?

The benefits of introducing children to safe cycling practices in a sense allows to 'getting them while they're young'. This could benefit future generations as well as teaching current parents that the easiest alternative may not be the all around best.

Regions such as Pembroke that have a number of primary, secondary and tertiary level educational facilities are among the busiest during the morning and after school rushes. But in Pembroke's case, it also has great potential due to it's trails and routes that avoid busy junctions and highways. This town hence has assigned cycling routes that can be referenced at BikeMap's route planner Here.


Such positive and inclusive attitutes on cycling should be shared and spoken about among and to students, especially younger ones that would also enjoy the morning rides to and from class. Many schools now also come equipped with bicycle racks to accomodate the demand for more sustainable travel to the schools.

Older institutions, such as Malta's University, has a vast option of rental racks for bicycles on campus! These, among the parked scooters which may be found across campus can be rented, which due to their vast availability can encourage those who live within a comfortable range to ride to the institute and find better alternatives that subjectively work. So it is necessary to share and spread the word on smaller and less emmissive transport to not only save time finding parking but also to keep the air on campus clean for students and faculty members' health. 

Have you ridden any sustainable transport to school or will you be starting from this year? Let us know in the comments below!