Delivery drivers taking on kick-scooters

In Malta there's many hot-spots to dine out, and many also offer short distance delivery to surrounding areas. An example could be the University Campus, which is surrounded by various diners and coffee houses. Such short distances can be easily walked, right? But not when you've got to carry a whole order! So what's the best way to request delivery?

ff delivery scoot.JPGA recent morning ago, while I was leaving the University after a couple of early morning lectures I spotted the solution! 
That morning, a fast-food delivery driver was dropping off an order on campus after which he hopped onto his branded kick-scooter and was on his way. Although there was some rain, he wore a helmet for safety and at a reasonable speed was off!

This got me thinking on why this couldn't be implemented to various establishments and within specific areas?
What if by allocating a number of designated kick-scooters to an area with higher order volumes within a certain range, a newfound respect for neighbors and residents as well as ecologically supporting the neighborhood by decreasing fuel emissions can be found. The ability for the delivery drivers to swap their rides to better and more sustainably reach shorter distances without having to ride a moped or motorcycle could decrease traffic and allow for quicker passing of traffic for the delivery folk!

Let us know what your take is and whether this should be talked about more to ease the strain that traffic has on our cities!