Travelling across Maltese hiking spots in a car

A  well known car brand has been released, with Times of Malta taking it on a joy-ride across Mellieha to showcase it's power on off-road settings. As many know, off-roading is not permitted unless in certain designated areas, which poses to question the need for such a vehicle in Malta.

ferenc-horvath-cg78NV0c_Ow-unsplash.jpg Meanwhile, the news article approves of the ride, stating it's main benefit is that you can travel further away from crowds in your own car, which can also be hiked. In retrospect, the ability for a vehicle to seamlessly take on our bumpy countryside roads is impressive, however is something that should be strongly discouraged. Given that there in fact are many people heading towards beaches, the way to deal with this is to push on and explore deeper, as opposed to promoting a vehicle that can take you all the way. The convenience is undeniable, but the effects of having cars crowding further into natural zones would be degrading to the environment and public spaces. 

Maybe a more appropriate solution can be found, such as maintaining the roads leading through the countryside and to the destinations. Many rural areas and farmland have been neglected when it comes to the road networks, with many being too narrow for average cars to pass through, however by fixing the potholes and adding new asphalt layers, many parts of Malta would be more accessible to people. Which can fare better for our citizens, rather than adapting cars to our rough terrains.

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