Should more streets be included in the fastprk app?

The CVA (Controlled Vehicular Access) system has been playing a crutial role in traffic and time management for local vehicle users! With it's real-time software providing users information on available parking spots in certain densely populated or difficult to navigate towns!

luke-tanis-mU5vnpJW_CQ-unsplash.jpgThe CVA's parking assistance system works by using designated cameras to observe and analyze the cars and vehicles exiting or entering certain streets.
The application is primarily available for triq San Bastjan in Valletta, where parking and road structure makes it difficult and time consuming to traverse the streets. The application can therefore decrease the emmissions in the area by proving whether spaces are available and in turn saves time and fuel for the vehicle user. 

The application can be installed on both Androis and IOS devices, which presents visual spots in streets with available parking bays. With succeeding studies showing that this application has reduced time spent on looking for parking by 60%!

Do you think this application should cover more towns and street? Let us know in the comments below!