Nature in cities/towns

What about giving 5-10% land back to society and nature with every development permit issued in Malta? 
This could be an ideal measure for government to motivate construction sector to move back by a few metres allowing space for trees, gardens and pavements between buildings and roads.Looking forward to see the private sector particularly the  think more long term pleasant aesthetics and walkability
- Biophilic design -
- Microforests - Microforests generate 100 times more biodiversity. For more ideas helping conserve, restore and grow visit
- Wildlife crossings - Ie structures that allow animals to cross human-made barriers safely. In Malta our largest protected animal is the hedgehog so small underpass tunnels may suffice. "From wiki Wildlife crossings may include underpass tunnels or wildlife tunnels, viaducts, and overpasses or green bridges (mainly for large or herd-type animals); amphibian tunnels; fish ladders; canopy bridge (especially for monkeys and squirrels), tunnels and culverts (for small mammals such as otters, hedgehogs, and badgers); and green roofs (for butterflies and birds). "
- Greening indoors for larger retail
Steps in the right direction starting with our homes