Competition to green our balconies


There is an increasing trend in Europe to motivate people to green their balconies. This in fact creates more appealing surroundings that motivate people to walk and cycle. Balconies might be one of the most viable spots to green one’s private  space whilst making it visible and beneficial to the surrounding community. Furthermore, following the COVID 19 restrictions, balconies seem to have become the new platforms for entertainment and social interaction,  which emphasises the importance of rethinking how we design and build these outdoor urban spaces.

Green balconies have been proven to play an important part in the public well-being in highly-urbanised zones  and improving climate challenges. Building green balconies is relatively easy as there are only some minor variables to consider such as wind, isolation, shade, ground levels and precipitation. Ten minutes of gardening  could reduce stress levels and restore the positive energy of residents. 

What if local councils could create some sort of local competitions to motivate people to take the lead in making our cities more aesthetically pleasant for us to walk, jog and cycle?