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VARCITIES, an EU Horizon2020 funded project, aims to implement visionary green initiatives (nature-based solutions) and smart sustainable models in cities to increase the health and well-being of citizens.  Various cities around Europe are participating. The project is led locally by the University of Malta which is focusing on Rue D’Argens in Gzira.


The objective is to address the issues of high traffic, pollution and lack of green on Rue D’Argens and on the areas alongside the road by involving citizens and a variety of different stakeholders to actively participate in developing solutions together. The aim is to empower local residents to take sustainable actions and contribute in implementing green solutions, green travel and smart tech in the locality. The team at the University of Malta are collaborating with the Gzira Local Council and one of the first actions will be to monitor air and noise pollution, traffic and a host of other data and to involve local residents in the process to act as citizen scientists to monitor air pollution inside their own homes. The project officially started in September 2020 and it will last until February 2025. 



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Article provided by Daniela Quacinella - University of Malta