Slow Streets in Malta

In September of 2020, the Msida Local Council brought forward an incentive to decrease stressors on citizens of Msida, which is a widely recognized congested area. Both in urbanization and traffic routing, Msida is a busy spot to be, which prompted the Council to produce a 'Slow Streets Network' plan. This initiative is aimed at re-routing and implementing traffic changes to Msida, either temporarily or permanently on the basis of a sustainable traffic flow, which in turn can pedestrianize more areas within the city and give citizens more opportunity to travel short distances, safely.

This initiative can be viewed Here. 

Such campaigns have also just been applied to historic cities of Malta such as Żejtun, Dingli, Qrendi, Żurrieq, Mqabba and Safi being placed on the 'Slow Streets' List. This means, that zones within these cities are prohibited to passing vehicles, excluding residents and garage owners. 

Although there is no suggestive timeline or area for future 'Slow Street' projects, 43 other Maltese Local Councils are assessing their Urban Development in relation to this campaign in hopes to adopt the Slow Street plan to their towns.