Why you should seriously consider next year's Free Public Transport Incentive

Free Public Transport in Malta as of 2022! A great feat for such a small European country, considering just one other EU state has enacted similar incentives for it's citizens. But why should we consider it for our day-to-day life?


The first important attribute to consider for making the switch to public transport from our default personal vehicles would be the pollution and congestion problems we may face in Malta. These not only affect us but when making the choice of driving it's easy to forget that other people have to pay for these environmental costs. The costs of the traffic jams can be difficult to measure as they're subjective to the traveler, but also undeniable that some of our days have been ruined or misshaped due to unprecedented traffic.

Ultimately, the decreased reliance on cars can benefit the environment, and may bring more job opportunities in the Public Transport sector, broadening and expanding it's reach to more experts and ideas. With more societal changes being that all collar workers can travel together, strengthening our intrapersonal relations among different economic status demographics.

On the other hand, it may be safe to say that the public transport system must be closely revised and maintained efficiently enough to provide the best service possible for there to be a shift from the public. But none the less, more emphasis on our transport can enhance our quality of life in the long run, so will you be taking on this opportunity? Let us know in the comments below!