Permanent mobility measures by the Ta'Xbiex and Mdina Councils

Here's a short review to let you guys know some of the latest permanent services that will be launched during the European Mobility Week 2021, to aim higher when it comes to sustainable and safe mobility.2021_EMW_Heart_White (1).png

The first council we will mention is that of Ta'Xbiex. It is closely intertwined with it's neighboring towns of Msida and Gzira, and hence finds itself in a busy and fast paced environment. 
In an attempt to safeguard those who are most at risk of the perils of the roads, this council has proposed a service of on-demand transportation for the elderly residents. These services would be available for those who need transport to and from key spots such as hospitals, banks, pharmacies and any other essential locations. 
The aim of this incentive is to provide an electric shuttle service to these residents, which can be requested and received in a timely manner. This would also decrease any other emissions from other transport the elderly may have used, like catching a ride from family members' vehicles. This service would benefit the number of cars at any point in the road given that the service catches on! 
Similarly, Zejtun's council is also shown interest in electric shuttle service for elderly to help them remain active in society by providing them with a safe commute.

Another city council which is starting a new permanent measure is Mdina. This city is providing it's service to those within and commuting between Mdina and Rabat, the town next door. This transport service will be an Electric Vehicle (EV) which will be available for the elderly and those with mobility impairments to encourage residents to travel within and between the two neighboring cities.

Such services to provide an electric and sustainable service to those residents which need it would benefit those resident's health by promoting travelling and making it a convenient service, while limiting emissions!
What's your take on these services, and would other towns benefit from this? Let us know your take in the comments below!