Maltese Local Councils participate in European Mobility Week 2021!

2021_EMW_Heart_White (1).pngThis year's theme is on "Safe and Healthy with Sustainable Mobility"  which is aimed at discussing and reflecting travel in relation to the recent changes in our lives by the COVID-19 pandemic. The events organized include practical concepts of safety and health and their relation to travelling.

This year, various creative and inclusive activities are being held by our local councils, which would either include some activity throughout the week, scheduling 'Car-Free days' in their towns or even unveiling of permanent measures to improve mobility in their regions.

This year these two Local Councils have some interesting and inclusive ideas for their locals! Here's some information on their planned activities to celebrate sustainable mobility in Malta. 

Dingli Malta

Throughout the week, this council will be surveying the residents, businesses, NGO members as well as students from the San Nikola Primary School for the data to be used to get some insight on the local's opinion on implementing more permanent Slow Streets! Also basic information such as transport used by locals will be gathered for this council to analyze and find a way to promote better and healthier sustainable mobility options for their region.

17th September - Free trials of Segway and e-Bikes for children and residents to promote other means of accessibility for short distance trips.  

18th September - Cycling lessons and an organized 5km ride activity around town. A new bike rack is also predicted to be unveiled!

20th September- Unveiling Air Bag Ramp for skaters and other more extreme sports enthusiasts! This ramp will allow for safer practice for those who enjoy practicing tricks on their bikes!

22nd September - Street Sports beside the local Dingli Swallows football ground. The area will be closed to vehicles for people to enjoy a car free open space while promoting residents to walk to the event!

Bonus! A Car free day will be scheduled in the following streets:
Triq il-Gvernatur William Reid  -   Triq Francesco Zammit  -  Triq Ghar Mirdum  -  Triq ic-Ciefa  -  Triq il-Hemda  -  Triq ix-Xaghra l-Kbira  -  Triq il-Hawwiefa  -  Triq Carmelo Busuttil  -  Triq Carmelo Bugeja  -  Triq il-Mediterran  -  p/o Triq Pawlu Ebejer  -  Car Park in Triq Guze’ Ellul Mercer  

Gharb Gozo

16th September - Tai Chi martial arts Introductory session as a way to relieve stress while participating in a serene exercise routine.

17th September - Alfresco restaurant event where local food establishments can set up in open-air meals while enjoying local foods.

18th September - Sale and Auction of bicycles, where those who participate receive a ticket to the auction of electric bicycles. This would allow for recycling and providing accessibility to bicycles in an attempt to promote it's use by locals.

19th September - 5k fun run! And an evening electric car show. 

20th September - Surveying whether the locals agree on Road Bumps for the purpose to slow down cars and enable a pedestrian squares. Temporary sleeping police bumps will be placed for the purpose of the survey.

Know what's going on in your locality and stay up to date on the European Mobility Week! And Share your thoughts with us in the comments!