Cool Ride-Pooling

A bit of background on Cool is that they're the first ride-pooling service in Malta! By specializing in multiple routing for their customers, they were able to minimize emissions while allowing for better rates when sharing the ride!


By providing the choice for taxi-users to hail a cab that's already going places, Cool has decreased the number of vehicles at any given time on the road! The number of registered vehicles in Malta is nearing 400,000 which in light of Malta's emission goals for pollution between 2005 and 2011 the rate has actually increased by 7%! In turn, Cool Ride-Pooling has recognized the environment as a major stakeholder in their success.

During their operations, Cool has analyzed their effects on the environment, resulting that their cab-sharing services has ensured that 1.8 million kilometers where retained through their services! Further statements by a Cool Representative stated "These shared rides have reduced some 455,000+ in carbon dioxide emissions from being dispersed in our environment." This is a big win for Maltese transport, as Cool proves that this model does work locally as well as promoting the benefits of minimizing personal car ownership by sharing rides.

Cool has also been aiding in safeguarding their drivers and passengers with mandatory mask policy on board all their vehicles. This further allows users to make use of their services whilst saving a dime and the environment by sharing their rides. 

Have you checked out Cool yet? Here's their Special Welcome Offer until the end of September, where you can save €2 off for 3 shared rides in a row! Code: COOLWELCOME!