Using Walking Apps to benefit from the cause

Our islands measures 27km in length with an area of 246km2. This is quite a small yet densely populated area for over 400,000 people to live in, especially when considering the car-first mentality that locals live by to get to places. However, when did walking get out of style? In our island we have been blessed with interjoining and intertwining streets, which any pedestrian once cunning enough can route and plan to find the quickest trails through towns, however roads are being widened to meet the demand for the vehicles being purchased per household. Wouldn't it be swell to not only save money by not using and maintaining a car, and instead get benefits (other than health)?

The latest apps available on application stores on mobile device such as Sweatcoin and Coinstore are paving the way in promoting active travel which encourage users to walk in exchange for tokens or points that are then redeemable for discounts or other compensations! Especially considering that an average town spans a 20 minute walk in Malta, why not make use of such global strives for the benefit of our environment. 

Let us know, do you use any walking apps that have similar incentives? Let us know!