Reduce Flights


Even though flights contribute 5% to global warming, a return flight from London to Berlin produces 0.6 tonnes of CO2, which is three times the emissions saved from a year of recycling. This makes flying the most unsustainable form of transport. Below we listed some tips on how to curb your flying habits and carbon footprint. 


1. Slow Travel


Not flying does not imply no travelling, instead it encourages the exploration of alternatives to the aircraft. In Malta this can prove to be a bit more challenging, being an island and all. However, one can look into traveling by sea. A small example is taking the catamaran to Sicily. From this point, one can travel by coach, train or rent a small private car (provided it carries more than 1 person). All these options produce fewer emissions than flying, but also tend to be more economical and faster for shorter journeys. 


The no flight movement has gained considerable momentum in Sweden, where now 23% of Swedes have given up flying for the sake of the planet!


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2. Flight Diet


Yes, another diet but this one is not just a fad to shed a few kilos, but potentially save several tonnes of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere. Going on a flight diet is about reflecting upon whether a flight is actually necessary, if there are any alternatives and choosing holiday destinations closer to home. 


3. Other Tips


The following points are tips to help you cut emissions when you do need to take a flight:

  1. Fly economy - besides the price, a business class seat produces 4 times the emissions than an economy seat due to their space and weight.
  2. Choose an airline with newer aircraft models (as older models produce more emissions) and avoid smaller aircrafts. The following website has an index that allows you to check which airlines produce less emissions for certain flights. (Atmosfair Airline Index 2018)
  3. Travel light - the heavier an aircraft, the more fuel it will use, so do you really need that extra pair of jeans? 
  4. Avoid Flights with Lay-overs - we all really do try to avoid these anyways!
  5. Purchasing Carbon Offset - these are initiatives to offset your carbon footprint. Nonetheless it is advised to seek initiatives holding the UN’s Gold Standard Certification to ensure that what you fund will be around long enough to offset your flight. Yet these initiatives will make your emissions magically disappear! The best way to reduce your footprint, is to reduce your flights. (Offset Your Emissions)


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