Avoid the Commute


Research has found that people who commute generally have less life satisfaction and higher anxiety than those who work near to their home. Infact, for every minute that someone travels, the higher their anxiety becomes and the lower their sense of wellbeing falls (Office for National Statistics, 2014). Sitting in traffic thus adversely affects us psychologically, hence it is not surprising to see increasing incidents of road rage and traffic collisions, besides traffic congestion. 


Yet how do we step out of this rat race? There are several options to avoid the daily grind of commuting. Below are some options to consider as an individual or as an employer or to suggest to your employer!


1. Co-working


Co-working spaces are popping up all over the island and are a great alternative to working from home or the office. This is a particularly good option if these spaces are within your locality or at least located closer to home. They tend to offer similar services as the office with the added bonus of having to commute less.


As an employer, you can consider allowing your employees to work from a co-working space to increase motivation and general well-being of those who have lengthy commutes. It also provides the potential opportunity for networking with other local companies.  


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Here is a list of some local Co-working spaces:

  • The Hub Malta
  • BusinessLabs                                                                    
  • 230 Works
  • Freedom Hub
  • GrandCentral
  • GlassHaus Start up Space
  • Blue Business Hub
  • CoCo Hub
  • Regus
  • FabLab Valletta
  • Exco Services
  • SohoOffice Hotel
  • Oasis
  • PWC Hub
  • Microsoft IC
  • TakeOff 
  • Sixteen Co-working Spaces


2. Flexible Working Hours


This is another alternative for employers to consider. A study carried out by Mercer (2017), showed that offering flexible working hours had the largest impact on increased employee productivity. In offering flexible working hours, the pressure to arrive on time and having employees sit in traffic are substantially reduced. Not only do employees arrive in a more calm state, it also provides them opportunity to work from home or a co-working space, which is particularly ideal during months of extreme weather or in unprecedented times like the COVID-19 epidemic. 


3. Extra Office Space


The concept of having the whole company operating from one location is debatable in today’s world. Especially for those employees who work online or from a PC. Looking at office space within the areas many employees commute from, can help reduce the commute pressure and perhaps also be more financially feasible. 


Office space and serviced office space for rent in Malta


4. Use Technology


There are many options out there when it comes to scheduling meetings online, so why not use them? Hosting a meeting online surely omits the burden of having to travel from one location to another and back again, and is more likely to start on time as well. The time saved by meeting online, can then be used productively rather than wasted sitting in traffic or looking for parking. 


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On another note, many mobility providers have apps that can also ease the burden of commuting by allowing the user to track their ride and to be kept up to date on any changes in the schedule. More about this in the section below.


5. Car or Ride Share


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You are not the only person in office dealing with the hassle of commuting everyday. Instead of sitting in your vehicle by yourself, why not start a carpooling group with colleagues from the same and nearby locations? One can alternate as the designated driver, share travel costs and consequently remove several cars from the road. Another alternative would be to make use of ride-sharing services. 


Need more motivation? Studies have found that those employees arriving to work by walk or bicycle have higher performance rates (Ma & Ye, 2019). They have also shown that most negative emotions are felt during the morning commute than at any other point in time during the day. Furthermore, such feelings are lessened by the presence of another person during the commute (Kahneman & Krueger, 2006).


Greentrips wishes you to stay safe. Please follow health directives for Covid-19 prevention as issued by the health authorities.