Micromobility consists of e-bikes, electric kick scooters, electric skateboards, shared bicycles, and electric pedal assisted bicycles, and thus refers to small, personal, light weight vehicles that reach up to 25km/hr.  


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These modes are widely regarded as the future of urban transportation and is also the fastest growing mode of transportation yet. Compact, available on demand, shared, app-based, quick, eco-friendly, silent and convenient for short distances are just some terms that illustrate the versatility of this mode of personal transport. 


Micromobility offers the ability to fill the gaps between the other modes and makes it an excellent candidate for multi-modal commutes, for example by pairing it with the bus, ferry or even private car. 


Yet before jumping on your e-kickscooter, do familiarise yourself with local regulations to ensure your own and the safety of others. To inform yourself about the registration process, roads that are accessible to e-kickscooters and other information, please visit Regulations on e-kickscooters.


For further information about micromobility service providers, please check out the links below.




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