Maltese southern towns enforcing car-free schedules


Nationally, the 'Slow Street' initiative is underway, since it's initial proposal in 2020 where two thirds of Local Councils have applied to participate. This initiative aims to redirect traffic away from pedestrian zones. To those Local Councils that are yet to participate, Ministry of Transport Ian Borg urges the public to request their involvement in this car-decreasing attempt.

The leading towns currently discussed be among the first to partake in this initiative are Żejtun, Dingli, Qrendi, Żurrieq, Mqabba and Safi, however a timeline for the project is not yet released. Current information provided by the initiative suggests that a slow growth will be utilized to involve more areas and roads, including and webbing the pedestrian zones together.

Meanwhile, preparations for the initiative are taking place such as road maintenance and planning, which involves updating road markings, routing access to privately owned garages, speed limits and discussions with locals to identify the needs of every town.

Is your Local Council partaking in this project? And what are your thoughts on it's effect? Let us know below!