Let's check out Haz-Zebbug and their efforts to pedestrianize!

Last Saturday in Haz-Zebbug Malta, a car free evening was set for locals to enjoy the pjazza to it's fullest and carless extent! Here's why it may benefit other towns and some future proposals which can change our country's social setting to be more inclusive!

rowan-heuvel-OJIROLaTqtQ-unsplash.jpgLast Saturday, the main square of Haz-Zebbug had closed off neighboring roads to the main square. This square is a hot-spot for locals, and so the response of having a car-free evening was greatly welcomed by locals. 
This isn't Haz-Zebbug's first time creating this initiative, yet it's the most recent since the Pandemic. Now, the town is also promising to consider having similar car-free days more often, specifically during Public Holidays! 

The benefits of these car-free days within an area of town can do wonders for the society surrounding these pedestrian zones. The first benefit is that locals can freely move around, while feeling safe to step off the usually uneven sidewalks. The freedom to walk freely in a city or town with many cars has ample dangers of it's own -where removing the attribute of cars simply leaves a space for the people.
Also, as in Zebbug's case, the car-free evening was aimed to allow kids and cyclists to enjoy the open space. Promoting active travel and engaging the public in making use of the space can show younger generations that the fast paced lifestyle is not the only one we must follow in this car-dystopian society. 
Although cars are highly benefitial for all fields of our lives, they do not have to be the primary means that people live by. Actually, cars haven't even been around for 200 years yet, and prior to their invention active travel was highly relied upon. So the sudden shift to this new technology did happen quite promptly, but it's not too late to turn back to our original roots and check out more traditional or even more innovative (like kickscooters) ways for us to use!

Share your thoughts in the comments below, and let us know if there is any other town that can make use of these car-free days for its locals!