Join the EU's Sustainable Energy Week!

The sustainable energy week is scheduled between the 25th and 29th of October, with it's mission to 'Reshaping the European Energy System'. This reshaping is aimed to be achieved by 2030, a reasonable deadline of 9 years from now, which the EU will be incentivizing to reach through exposure and reveal of their (our) sustainability goals.image-1629793837420.png

This event will be organized online in a virtual manner, where for 3 days participants will be able to partake in a Digital Policy Conference, EUSEW Awards (EU Sustainable energy Week Awards) that awards outstanding projects and individual efforts in the field of efficient and renewable energy. Also participants could browse virtual stands and other networking activities. This event requires registration and will be available for registry from September! 

This is the perfect public engagement opportunity to communally set and identify European goals to all be 'on the same page' on our global stance on the various pollutants and negative attributes we should change in our daily lives, such as our travelling options.