How can we safeguard our neighborhoods?

hannah-busing-Zyx1bK9mqmA-unsplash.jpgAn idea that arose is the application of a community driven incentive such as a Neighborhood watch collective. Such groups and organizations are fairly common outside of Malta, with Americans taking the cake in safeguarding their suburban areas from various dangers. The use of a neighborhood watch allows for regular monitoring in turns or done by reporting any incidents as soon as they seems out of the ordinary, this can include both road and area safety as much as the wellbeing of the individuals in the area. 

While some roads in Malta already come with a 'neighborhood watch' sign, this enforces an idea that one is being watched and in turn behaviors tend to change when one feels like they're being watched. This is especially true when one is caught in the act of breaking the law, further enforcing the feeling that certain areas should be respected. Hence allowing for more lenient and relaxed tenants in the area, with the decrease of car noise and pedestrian vulgarity and theft. A successful case of this was the 2008 implementation in Tarxien, which resulted in 50% less thefts and damages in the area and is still annually decreasing!

The results of such communal work are evident, while the invisible benefits from this is that the community can work together as a group and in turn becomes more inclusive with all the area's neighbors. Such acts can then progress to include other social needs like parking, mobility and cleanliness of the areas, which drives a community to better itself.

Let us know, would you like your area to partake in the neighborhood watch? Share your thoughts in the comments below!=