Haz-Zebbug is promised a Lidl, but locals are suggesting a green lung

The latest development and permit approval for a Lidl in Haz-Zebbug has left locals questioning the need for this development while the same chain supermarket can be found in Qormi, just down the road.

marjan-blan-marjanblan-hFT4slbIG0E-unsplash (1).jpgThis proposal was originally published back in 2019, when even then the Local council and NGOs opposed this plan. Especially considering it's location being outside of the development zone, located between Mdina Road and Attard Road. 

Various anonymous locals have also come forward commenting that the town is in need of a Green Lung, as opposed to more traffic-congesting structures. However the planned supermarket provided a planned and structured road network to adequately allow traffic to flow throughout. 

The idea of a green lunch has been adopted in various large cities across the world, with it being a 'must' in large Asian cities. As a green lung allows for compact cities to have a public space which can be used for recreational purposes, as well as allowing for fresh and cooler air than that in tightly packed cities. These green lungs therefore replenish oxygen into cities which may have high emissions, benefiting the quality of life and providing an open space for locals. 

While the project for the Lidl has decreased their allocated parking space size as per suggestion to receive the permit, an inclusion of a green space could be also considered for the area. The need for parks and public spaces in Malta is high, with a handful of national parks available, more incentives should be put forward for the betterment of individual towns and their future developments to allow citizens with a free space to stay active and healthy.

Do you think that more green lung spaces should be included, instead of close-proximity same chain supermarkets? Or would the town benefit from the international chain? Share your thoughts in the comments below!