Sponsor a Challenge

Do you run a business?  Do you believe that those using sustainable transport should be rewarded for their efforts?

You can run challenges for a month or more and offer a range of prizes based on performance. Request a meeting by emailing us on [email protected]

Participants are incentivised to use different methods of sustainable transport including.  To prove this,  users login and upload proof of their sustainable trips to the platform and earn points in exchange for their positive commutes.

  1. Get out of your comfort zone and use approved sustainable mobility options
  2. Keep the relevant proof or take a photo of yourself using a sustainable method of transport and upload on https://empower.greentrips.eu/
  3. Accumulate as many trips/km as you can
Sustainable Mobility Options: 



Means of verification for trips


Your legs are free, use them :)

Screenshot of the following:

- Google maps timeline

- Strava, Sweatcoin 

- FItbit etc...


Your bicycle

BeGreen, EcoBikes, The Cyclist,  Bike it up or similar  rentals

Nextbike/ Tallinja Bike  

App screenshot of:

Strava, fitbit, Social bike app , Nextbike App. Rental receipt

Car-pooling/ sharing

Plan on your own or use: 

Breeze, COOL, or goto etc.

App screenshot / receipt

or photo of 3 or more adults in a vehicle

Electric Scooters/ microbility

yourelectric  bike

WhizaScoot or IOScoot, Bolt etc

Tracking device + photo App screenshot / receipt 


Tal linja app login

(create profile from site and login from app to see your trips )

Photo of Ticket or Screenshot of app Selfie on bus  with hashtag and date

Valletta Ferries

Valletta Ferry Services

Photo of Receipt or photo on ferry

So far nationwide challenges were held. Out of the winners the number one participant accumulated over 3000 points and the number one multimodal winner used 5 different methods of transport. As reward providers we have secured APS Bank which is offering one thousand euros in cash to the winners. The Cyclist which is offering complimentary bicycle helmets, Nextbike which are offering complimentary tokens, Photociancio.com who are offering discounted prints, Dr Juice which is offering free drinks and meals and Matildas cafe with meal vouchers. We are also in the process of meeting and onboard more reward providers.


We are looking for various stakeholders to join the challenge:

We are looking for various stakeholders to join the challenge:

“Road Models” (public figures/ popular individuals /politicians): Public and prominent persons, who people admire/ look up to, taking the challenge publicly and are willing to promote it.

Reward Providers: Providers of gifts or discounts to participants, who complete particular challenges. Possibility to create a specific challenge being sponsored.

Challenge owners: Provide financial assistance to make a variety of challenges possible. We are seeking a main sponsor as well as smaller challenge owners.  It is also possible to feature as a supporter by offering donations of a preferred amount to PAF

Transport providers and affiliates: Sustainable Transport Providers are companies, who provide sustainable mobility options to be used during the challenge, Affiliates include NGOs and advocates for sustainability and sustainable mobility


What the press says about us, see feature on  Times of Malta.

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Past Sponsors

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