Become a Moderator

What is the Moderator role?

A moderator supervises and works on improving the quality of the content by removing or repairing misinformation and other errors. Over time, this will allow articles to become more comprehensive and balanced.

On the Greentrips platform, content moderation includes the following roles: 

    • Peace Officer: Step in when a discussion becomes hostile.
    • Conversation Starter: Keep conversations flowing, and that may include starting interesting threads and participating in conversations with members.
    • Gate-Keeper: Approve relevant posts, comments and edits from users. 

Nonetheless, because articles can be edited or added to at any time, articles may contain undetected misinformation, errors, or vandalism. Those users aware of this can obtain valid information, avoid recently added misinformation and restore the article at their own discretion or notify the moderators. 


Anyone wishing to become a moderator can submit their request to [email protected], this position is without pay and may be revoked at any time.