Who is the road really for?

Doesn't the 'road' imply a movement of traffic and various modes of transport going in bilateral directions? Well we shouldn't forget the sidelines, which are lined with sidewalks and pavements, clearly dictating the start and end of designated travel routes.

The importance of having safe access for pedestrians is a pivotal attribute when it comes to considering road safety. With various measures put in place such as 'sleeping police', sidewalk extensions, raised pedestrian crossings and roundabouts, all in an attempt to sift and slow traffic in certain areas. 

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Such measures imposed on drivers are crucial for the safety of pedestrians and other commuters. Meanwhile, let's not forget that drivers are also people who accept the great responsibility for the safety of other road users, especially ones they share the road with. While adaptations to make streets wider or barricaded would promote more active travel and pedestrian comforts, it may not be possible in all of our narrow towns.

So what can be done? We can see, hear and respect the spaces we all share as a country! The ability to recognize dangerous areas and speak up to the community for all persons to be informed and aware of hazards, events and even efforts to make towns more livable. This doesn't only apply to pedestrians who must follow the rules thought from childhood, like looking both ways before crossing and to stop and listen for incoming traffic -the drivers themselves should hold themselves responsible while behind the wheel to ensure that persons walking alongside traffic remain within a safe distance while driven past. 

Since even those who decide to travel distances by car will have to park at some point, they too become vulnerable to the hazards of other drivers. As the philosopher Marcus Aurelius once said, "You can also commit injustice by doing nothing", which in this case may suggest that drivers should promote and practice safer road use for the benefit of all persons. By acting right and passing on positivity in our streets, more respectful societies can flourish. 

How have you been a responsible and involved citizen lately? Comment below your thoughts on sharing the road!