Recent pedestrian injury in St. Julians

pawel-czerwinski-xt1tPXqOdcc-unsplash.jpgYesterday on the 24th of August, an accident occurred around midday where a young woman was injured in St. Julians. The road in question was St Andrew Street in St. Julians which in 2019 was mentioned as one of the roads involved in the coastroad and Pembroke maintenance project, which can be reviewed Here. This project was enacted in an attempt to resolve the traffic congestion and bottle-neck roads, as well as improve the safety of pedestrians in the area.

However, recent news proves that there may be a need to better improve the zone. As of late the cause of the accident was not disclosed, but mentioned was that the woman was grievously injured in the accident. This shows that there is a need to improve the zone which can be done by installing traffic light appointed zebra crossings for manual use of pedestrians as well as some form of crash barrier to separate traffic from pedestrian walkways. Especially considering the location of the road being closely positioned with the infamously fast-paced coast road, more efforts to slow and carefully structure the road is necessary. 

At greentrips we are hoping the young lady a speedy recovery and that accidents in the area will be addressed to safeguard the public. Let us know what other measures can be put in place to safeguard pedestrians in the area in the comments below.