Me, Myself and My Ride

It goes without saying that road users are expected to keep their full attention on road safety and surroundings, however a study conducted by OnePoll on 2000 participants showed they experience deeper states of mind when in their vehicle. This study conducted around June 2021 was commissioned by Metromile, a pay per mile insurance company based in the US, which shared it's interesting findings on individuals' relationships with driving!


This study represents a vast demographic of drivers, of which 40% have experienced a 'Eureka!' behind the wheel which affected their social, occupational or personal epiphanies. In addition, many also prefer to spend their time in their cars, such as the 48% that talk to themselves, 37% shopped online, 21% that prepared food in their vehicles. Other statements made by 40% described their cars as their only individual spaces, which may relate to Malta significantly. 
A video on the data can be found Here!

In Malta, the ratio of vehicles to the population as of 2021 is nearing a 1:1 ratio, with citizens outnumbering by just 40,000. This suggests that a majority of citizens own a car or have at least one vehicle in their family, but can you relate to finding your personal space in your car? Let us know in the comments below!