A short guide on getting (and staying) active!

We are generally a simple species that has found opportunities to ease any natural hardships through newfound sciences and technology, such as driving instead of walking. But walking is a crucial part of maintaining our health, and should be encouraged and practiced often for both our mental and physical wellbeing.hasmik-ghazaryan-olson-akasyiP_2Ig-unsplash.jpg

Our biology has proved time and time again that we are resilient by nature, and evolve according to the needs of generations. Among those evolutions, the ability to stand upright, travel and endure distances of walking is basically within our DNA. Now, that we do not have a need to hunt, forage or build camps, our lives seem quite simple but we may sideline our health and physical needs. 

The power of a brisk 30 minute walk also bring benefits when done regularly or better yet, daily. This low-impact activity greatly benefits the cardiovascular system by decreasing the chances of heart disease as well as helps maintains stable body fat, muscles and personal endurance. Another perk is that walking is free and only requires good walking shoes and a trail.

In Malta, there are a number of walkable areas for both leisure and fitness, with the strollable cities of Mdina and Valletta allowing for a hilly walk around the old and new capitals. Other countryside options may be the Marfa Ridge Country Walk which has woodland, farmland and cliffs all in one trail. This is located in Mellieha, beside the Torri L-Ahmar that signals the start of the trail and spans 11km which is around 4 and a half hours. 

For a shorter walk, there are various walking trails found behind and around Golden Bay and Ghajn Tuffieha, on the North-West coast of Malta. This area contains various green areas, cliffs as well as a peninsula which houses beautiful secluded beaches intertwined with large bounders and clay rock formations. 

Down towards the south, Siggiewi found on the South-West trails along the coast and includes various rocky beaches with ample views of Filfla. While for those with an afternoon to spare, heading Northward towards Dingli one may find the breathtaking cliffs and ample local flora and fauna. 

By engaging in short or regular walks, it's an act of self service to benefit your health and allows for easier adoption of physical travelling by increasing stamina as well as endurance for longer distances and to our country's warm weather. 

Do you have a favorite walking route or a suggestion for more local based trails? Let us know in the comments below!