Tier Mobility scooters offering free safety training!

pexels-cottonbro-8629529.jpgThe Berlin based kick scooter provider, Tier Mobility has yet again paved way in feasibility of the rise in e-kickscooter use. Their latest incentive to promote safe active travel comes from their recognition that many users may be lacking in road regulation knowledge as well as use of the scooters.

Hence, Tier Mobility has partnered with a UK based cycling enterprise, Bikeworks to offer free e-scooter safety training in London. These training sessions are open to the public to join and are currently made available in four areas in the city, with fully qualified instructors guiding the sessions. These sessions are stated to review the most crucial points in user safety such as, where and how to use the scooters, indicators and battery adjustments as well as using the Tier app, while all participants also receive travel credit to make use of the scooters after completion!  

Currently for the months of August and September this campaign is being shared to attract the audience by promoting their easy sign up, which the users have more to gain than lose from with these sessions. This attempt could change people's opinions on the rides, while promoting respect on the shared streets through educating the scooter users in correct and safe mannerisms. 

This campaign is also planned to be extended to provide more sessions and time slots to charities and other demographic groups to encourage more adoption of short distance travel without the need for a car!

Do you think a similar campaign could benefit Malta? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments!