How can the right tools improve our mobility?

victoriano-izquierdo-0MxBlq8hYN0-unsplash.jpgWe have found some ideas that have been applied abroad which can promote more active travel for all ages! And even at this pivotal time in technology we probably haven't scratched the surface on all the possibilities.

Across Europe the use of trains is as common as public transport in Malta, which has led various long-distance train operators to install carriages specific to storing and locking the train commuters' bicycles. Such an installment would simply extend the train by adding a few specialized carriages, or it can also be applied by adding compartment at both ends of the train. Who's to say that busses shouldn't be considered for this feature? 
As active travel is becoming increasingly promoted, better accessibility for riders should be available, for instance to transport the bicycle between long distances in Malta or to Gozo, this would greatly benefit riders as the bicycle may be bulky and take up the commuters' space. By adding either internal or external storage spaces more accessibility to cycling would be available!

Capture.JPGAnother idea was shared by a Reddit user (Image on right) whose child attends an elementary school. The primary decided to add a structure used as a children's scooter parking. This idea is ideal for those parents of primary or secondary school children who enjoy riding their scooters to school! By having a designated and safe scooter parking which can be utilized by carrying a simple padlock, the trip to and from school would be more engaging for the child while also instilling the idea of fun modes of transportation! The means to encourage children to stay active from a young age is key to realizing a more harmonious future for mobility and travelers!

What do you think of these examples of possible local improvements we could consider? Let us know your thoughts below!