Check out How Haz-Zebbug is promoting Active Travel!

The Haz-Zebbug Local Council has recently published it's plan for the 25th of September to designate some area around the town square for cyclists in a push towards active travel!

irena-carpaccio-05Jjd1A3cOE-unsplash.jpgThis project 'Pjazza Pedonali' will include two major streets surrounding the town Square and Church to be closed. These streets are Misrah San Filep and Triq Sciortino, which will allow the entire pjazza to be car free. This is only a temporary measure, and will be enacted from 14:00, where after this time cars will not be allowed to park in the pjazza. Following this, access for cars will cease from 17:00 until 23:00. 

The action of the Council therefore is acting to give back public space to the community, and promoting active travel both for kids and adults alike to partake in recreative activities in the area. 
Similar actions like 'Slow Streets' which are gaining momentum across Maltese towns are also acting to help the quality of life as well, to provide more space to the citizens. Clearly many are recognizing the desperate need to shift from a vehicle-oriented mentality and to turn to more sustainable and socially inclusive ways of life.

Although the initiative by Haz-Zebbug Local Council is not a Slow Streets initiative, such individual acts can greatly benefit localities with various inclusive activities. Let us know if you'll be visiting Zebbug for tomorrow's car-free evening, and remember to stay Safe!