Berlin's proposal to decrease personal vehicles

Although it may sound like a boycott of cars, the approach taken by Berlin officials proposes a more natural swap to public and alternative modes of transport. This incentive promises to compensate with ~€1100 per year to adults who ditch their cars. Research on the effects of this conducted by the German Institute for Urban Mobility estimates that this will result in ~60,000 less personal vehicles which in turn can greatly benefit the country's contribution to lessen emissions. pexels-ketut-subiyanto-4429290 (1).jpg

This approach to lessening the carbon-footprint can only work if the state has a reliable network for commuting, which Transport researcher A. Knie reviewed as not competitive enough. Other measures to discourage car drivers such as removing tax breaks on company vehicles, commuter allowances and the 'low tax' their fossil fuels benefit from. 

More information on this proposal can be found Here.

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