A Reminder of the UoM facilities for cyclists!

With the University of Malta opening it's doors to in-person lectures again, we're here to remind you of it's available facilities which is beneficial to cyclists and promotes active travel!

gabriel-izzo-6vMZXFvDsWI-unsplash.jpgThe University's Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development have designed posters with scannable QR Codes for university attendees to make use of! This poster can be viewed Here, as it covers the four ways one can reach university and facilities available for the student's needs. 

University's facilities that are available for students includes on campus shower facilities, bike racks as well as bike maintenance facilities, while other features of the QR code show routes which can be used to reach campus.
Check out the link and all it's information, such as additional bus route information, carpooling contact information and accessibility to renting or obtaining a bike, scooter or electric alternatives!

How will you be getting to campus! Let us know in the comments below!